Workshop at Shanghai Shaoxing Opera House 
Visual creative director Alan Liang was invited to Shanghai Shaoxing Opera House for the audiovisual performance workshop on 22, NOV 2019.
During the workshop, Alan led the attendance to explore the application of contemporary audiovisual art with case studies. From live audiovisual performances to visual art performances, multimedia has been used in a wide variety of performances nowadays, whether in formal theaters, art exhibitions or commercial performances, we are all surrounded by multimedia arts. After going through the present performance ways of contemporary multimedia, Alan put “perception comes before visual impact” as the core concept of multimedia application. The creative concept emerges from the urge to discover an emotionality, therefore, transforming emotions into visual space has a lot to do with the links between the various factors. We must constantly self-examine the relationship between the media that present the creative concept. This is not just a reflection on the multimedia device, but must be enlarged to how to make the whole performance.
窥探当代视听艺术的应用中,梁总监特别强调 --将情感转换到视觉空间中,各因子间的连结是十分重要的。在这当中,必须不断自我检视,呈现创意概念的介质间有着什么样的关系,这不仅是在多媒体装置上的思考,更必须放大到如何使整体呈现出完整性以及一致性的考量。