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We are a show creative company focusing storytelling on various experiments with possibility of audio visual performance by sound, images, and live acts aiming to generate unity and emotional echoes.
In order to perform a flawless show, we start to design, plan and customize the creative content during the pre-production. In addition, stage management and technical planning are also the significant part of our production.

Every good show starts with an idea. An idea that has to be extraordinary, yet fit in with the topic and objective of your event.
We sketch out initial ideas for your staging and then use this as the basis for working on the storyline for your show and develop a detailed concept with collapse mood board. 
Your show will be an amazing experience – and that is how we want to present it to you.
That is why we visualise our show concept as a storyboard. Using photo montages, 3D animations and motion graphics, we allow you to experience the show's elements and how it will run in advance.
Each show process passes through many stages on its way from the idea to the show, always accompanied by our experienced production management team.
We ensure that everything runs smoothly and keep an eye on the services and budget. You benefit from efficient cost controlling. As the project progresses, you are kept constantly up to date by your personal contact.
We develop the creative content and staging ideas include developing and producing the relevant video content, visual effects and animations. Besides, sound is an essential feature of every show. It creates emotions and can even steer and intensify them. To achieve this, we compose and produce original music, edit existing audio material or combine the two to create an emotional sound experience. Existing media content that you want to use in the show is integrated seamlessly under our experienced team direction. 

Every show is a masterpiece of coordination. Its running order needs to be planned immaculately, the timing accurate to the second.
To ensure that the running order goes off smoothly, we coordinate every aspect from all the elements of the show come together to form a perfect whole; all the disciplines involved to form an ensemble.
Creative Director/Alan Liang

Alan, Chieh Hung Liang is a Taiwanese show creative visual artist based in Shanghai.


He has served clients with Mercedes-Benz, SKII, Philips, Coca Cola, Budweiser, MG, Skoda ,Shanghai Volkswagen, Citroen, Volkswagen Group China, Pepsi, Alfa Romeo,Ali Sport,Hennessy,Jaguar,KIA and Cadillac in both ATL and BTL over Chinese market.