showtime 作品获得 2018 移动广告创意节奖项!
Creative Showtime is proud to announce the live event “2017 Cadillac Vday Tour” cooperated with UNI GROUP have won ‘Silver Award for Live Entertainment Marketing Project’ at 2018 Phoenix ADX Festival – Phoenix Tree Awards.
The award is dedicated to discovering and recognizing creative projects in event industries.
Vday has been considered as the significant event to present the incredible performances of Cadillac. Season 6 was the first time to perform at night. Hollywood Stone Stunt team struck the audiences with implausible stunt tricks along with exciting lighting and video through over 50 meters wide screens. The show had been touring in eight major cities within six months in 2017.
Stunt vehicles drove extremely fast through less than one-hundred-meter stage, and performed unbelievable stunt tricks to amaze all the audiences.

很荣幸的和大家宣布,我们和同立传播合作的现场演出活动2017凯迪拉克Vday 性能秀第六季》,获得了2018金梧奖-移动广告创意节,《娱乐营销奖银奖》的殊荣。
凯迪拉克Vday 性能秀第六季,是该系列活动首度于夜间演出;由好莱坞史东特技车队,搭配灯光与视频,在百米不到的舞台空间内,结合各式惊险高难度动作,所呈现出的视听飨宴。